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Unlikely Heroes: Abraham & Isaac

As followers of Jesus, we often find we are asked to fully surrender to the Lord plans, purposes, and His ways. In this message, Pastor Ray shares about the Life of Abraham and how he was asked by God to fully surrender, even if it meant sacrificing his beloved son Isaac. What we’ll learn is that the road to fulfilled promises begins with full surrender.

A Man After God’s Own Heart

When we understand that the Lord desires for us to come to Him with “unveiled faces,” completely open, honest, and unvarnished, a wonderful transformation begins to take place and we begin to see things as they really are. It’s all about perspective – God’s perspective!

Moving From Your Failure to Your Future

Simon Peter blew it big time! He was in a lot of pain out there in that boat. But that was okay because pain often gets our attention. Pain can lead us to make important changes. And if we’re willing to humble ourselves & learn from our mistakes, we will be well on our way toward recovering from our failures. In a conversation between Jesus, the risen Savior, & Simon Peter, we learn how.

Breakfast with Jesus

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have breakfast with Jesus? Pastor Ray shares with us that no matter how far you’ve drifted, Jesus is always there on the shore, waiting for you to return. He’s waiting with a comforting fire, warm food, and an affirming arm to put around your shoulder!

Taking a Walk with Jesus

No one is immune from the attack of the four “D’s” of disappointment, discouragement, doubt, and defeat. In this message, Pastor Ray shares about two men who left Jerusalem and were walking toward the city of Emmaus. These two men were full of disappointment, discouragement, doubt, and defeat. Along the way, they had an encounter with Jesus which changed everything. It’s true – an encounter with Jesus changes EVERYTHING and fills us with new hope, power, and strength so we can go tell everyone, everywhere – JESUS IS ALIVE!

Easter Celebration – Who Will Roll Away The Stone?

“HE HAS RISEN!” Those words changed history and those words still change lives today. For the Christian, there is no more important moment in history than the resurrection of Jesus Christ and Easter is all about celebrating this moment. All great revolutionaries have died, and while Jesus died, He’s different from all others. He HAS RISEN, and we will never be the same again!

All in the Family

The Father Heart of God is an incredible revelation that will change you forever! You see, it’s not only important to know and trust that He is God. But, an important question to ask yourself is, “What kind of God is He?” In Romans 8:11-17, we will discover six aspects of the Father’s heart that we can enjoy as children of God in His great family.

Coming Home to God

Jesus told a story about a prodigal son. In this parable, Jesus not only reveals the heart of the father but also the steps necessary for the son to return home. Did you know that your heavenly Father wants you to come home? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done or how long you’ve done it. God says, “I want you to come home to My love and My forgiveness.”